It’s Father’s Day at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill

June 17this Father’s Day and we want to help you plan the perfect day for your dad; a day spent at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!  You’ll find a large selection of beers and top-shelf spirits on tap, delicious burgers on our menu, and a pool table waiting for a challenging game between you and your dad.

Father's Day at Greeley Avenue Bar

Over the years your dad has been there through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Now it’s time to step up to the bar and buy him a thirst-quenching pint of his favorite beer. There’s no better place to do this than North Portland’s favorite sports bar. We’ve got the gifts your dad will love any day of the year!

Father's Day at Greeley Avenue Bar

A Toast to the Man of the Hour

Raise a glass in honor of dear ol’ dad! We’ve got 16 brands of domestic and foreign, craft and microbrew beers on tap and even more in bottles and cans. Does he prefer a cocktail? No problem—we’ve got all the top shelf brands of spirits and our skilled mixologists will turn them into whatever drink he craves!

Father's Day at Greeley Avenue Bar

The Beloved Burger

He’s been grilling for you all your life, now it’s time to pay him back with a juicy burger served hot from our grill! Chef Bode has come up with 10 delicious burger combinations, including the popular Whiskey BBQ Bacon Burger, making it the best, and hardest, decision your dad will have to make on his big day.

Father's Day at Greeley Avenue Bar

Champion His Skill

Remember when your dad would let you beat him at a challenging game? Let him see what that confidence has taught you with a challenging game of pool. Greeley has a fully decked out pool table, as well as a table-top shuffleboard game, and pin ball games.

Father's Day at Greeley Avenue Bar

Give dad what he wants most on Father’s Day; a burger, a beer, and a whole lot of fun at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!


Keep Up to Date on What’s Playing on Greeley’s Big Screen TV

Are you looking for the next big game to watch but you don’t know what’s playing on the sports channels? Are you about to head out to the door but you don’t know what you’ll find on TV when you find a seat at your favorite neighborhood sports bar? Well, wonder no more because you can check out what’s playing on Greeley Avenue Bar’s Big Screen TV when you follow our Greeley’s Facebook page.

Greeley - FB Updates1

Our Facebook sportscaster will keep you up to date on what you can to expect to see when you stop in for a drink and a game. Throughout the week, he posts updates on the games to come and reminds you where you’ll find the best sports fans in NoPo.

Greeley - FB Updates3

Baseball, basketball, football, and soccer; every game you’re interested in can be found somewhere in our bar. We’ve got twelve televisions warmed up and ready to broadcast all the hottest games. (See a list of our subscribed cable sports packages below.)

Greeley - FB Updates4

Our TVs are spread throughout the bar and outside on both our front and back porches so you will never have to miss a moment of exciting action. Rain or shine, you’ll be glad you chose to watch the game at our bar.

Greeley - FB Updates2

So, “Like” our Facebook page, pick out a game, then head on down to Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill for a burger, a beer, and the most important televised sports action in the best sports bar you’ll find in North Portland!

Sports Packages Hosted by Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill


ESPN Collect Extra


NHL Center Ice

Fox Sports Northwest

NFL Sunday Ticket

Fox Sports NW

Big Ten Sports

Fox Soccer Plus

SEC Network

Extra Innings



Root Sports NW

Fox Sports Northwest


Greeley’s Spinach Bacon Salad; the Ironman of Salads

Are you swimsuit ready after months of downtime during the rainy season? Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill has your back with our protein-packed, nutrient filled Spinach Bacon Salad!

Greeley - Bacon Spinach Salad1 2

You’ll look forward to eating your greens when you dig into this salad! Not only is it made from fresh vegetables, it’s got the smoky taste of crisp bacon, savory blue cheese, spicy onion, hard-boiled egg, your choice of grilled or crispy chicken breast, and a cup full of light raspberry vinaigrette. All designed to fill you up without you having to loosen your belt.

Greeley - Bacon Spinach Salad3 copy

The Greeley chefs have created a salad where each forkful is loaded with a well-balanced, great tasting mix of the best ingredients found in North Portland. Chef Bode is well versed in culinary creations(and, if you don’t believe me just check out the “Hall of Flame” page on our website!) and his goal is to always leave his customers wanting more. That’s exactly how I felt when I dug into this delicious salad.

Greeley - Bacon Spinach Salad4

And quality doesn’t take away from quantity because the chefs will fill the plate to the max—but that’s ok because it’s salad and when you eat this you can almost feel the vitamins and minerals feeding your body. You’ll surely want to be a member of the clean plate club with this dish!

Next time you want to add a salad to your diet stop by Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill for the Spinach Bacon Salad. Your body will thank you!

Two Once a Year Sporting Events to Watch at Greeley Avenue Bar

Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s “Wall of TVs” will soon be showing two of the nation’s most anticipated televised sporting events; the Stanley Cup playoffs and the Kentucky Derby!

Image by: Ron Cogswell

Image by Ron Cogswell


The 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs (Series scheduled from April to June)

We’re deep in the 2018 National Hockey League playoffs and the action on the ice is fierce.

Greeley - Stanley Cup1

Image by: Skeeze

The teams entered the rink on April 11thto compete for professional hockey’s highest honor, the Stanley Cup. The front-runners for this year’s championship title are the Pittsburgh Penguins but they face a tough contender in Tampa Bay’s team. They have a history of close calls in regard to tournament wins—last year they missed the playoffs by only one point—but experts are still sticking with the Penguins.

Come into Greeley early to watch the games and enjoy our NHL “McBreakfast Biscuit,”a buttermilk biscuit sandwich with one egg, American cheese, sausage, bacon or ham and a side of breakfast potatoes. Add an Irish Coffee to keep you warm as you watch the players on the ice.

Greeley - Kentucky Derby

Image by:

The Kentucky Derby (Saturday, May 5)

The trumpet rings out, the gates are thrown open—and down the track they go—dirt flying up from thundering hooves as they round the track towards the finish line during horse racing’s biggest event of the year; the Kentucky Derby.

Greeley - Kentuck Derby1

Image by:

The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing, followed by the Preakness Stakes on May 19thand the Belmont Stakes on June 9th. Over 150,000 fans will watch the races live at Churchill Downs, but you don’t have to fight those crowds! Come down to Greeley Avenue Bar for a front row seat at the most famous horse race in the world. Enjoy a Mint Julep, the official drink of the Derby, while you’re watching the races.

With two great sporting events to watch, you’ll want to enjoy it in the comfort of North Portland’s favorite neighborhood sports bar, Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!

Baseball Season Is Here! (even if the weather keeps denying it’s Spring)

Even though half the nation can’t get out from under several inches of snow, the baseball diamonds are green and ready for exciting major league baseball. Come on down to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grillto forget the winter and revel in the game of summer!

Justin Masterson

Image by: Keith Allison

The 2017 season saw the Astros cruising to their first World Series win, with 101 victorious games racked up throughout the season, due to one of the best offenses ever seen in the MLB. But, can they hold their standing in the 2018 season? So far, yes. Their game has become a lot stronger this winter and there are many analysts who are surprised that a month before the camps opened in January they were easily in the number one spot in the 2018 projected standings.

So, here’s the prections for the top five teams of 2018::

  1. Astros, 98 wins
  2. Dodgers, 94 wins
  3. Indians, 93 wins
  4. Cubs, 92 wins
  5. (3-way tie) Yankees, Red Sox and Nationals, 91 wins

Greeley - Baseball Season 2018_UC International

Image by: UC International

Of course, these projections can be upended by unexpected injuries, trades, and breakout players that outperform their reputations leading up to the season, but right now the bets are on the Astros to come out on top of the  seven teams they predict will win 90 or more games throughout the season.

Falcons wrap up season with loss vs. New Mexico

Image by: Air Force photo/Mike Kaplan

For those of us who love the cracking sound of a bat and an icy cold beer, make your way to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill to watch Major League Baseball with all your sports loving, North Portland neighborhood friends!

North Portland Sports Bar

Rumor Has It–Greeley Avenue Bar Has Upgraded Our Website

Psst!–have you heard? Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill has a new website and everything you need to know about our bar is just a click away.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 12.56.27 PM

The latest version of our website is a virtual version of what you’ll find inside our bar. Information on the fun events we have planned, like our weekly Texas Hold ’em tournaments, are found in our calendar. Peruse Greeley’s pub and grub menuto find the delicious meals that are waiting for you, such as our famous Out ‘n In Burger–a double, double favorite among our customers–or our wings and its choice of six sauces.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 1.10.58 PM

Check out our Hall of Flame page to see a sample of Chef Brode’s Brandt’s and his staff culinary contributions.

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 1.12.18 PM

They make delicious specials everyday, including a breakfast menu that is far and above the typical food you’d expect to find in a sports bar, like the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict! Are you hungry yet?

Screen Shot 2018-03-26 at 1.21.01 PM

Check out our Drafts page to see the latest beers to grace our taps. Our online Leader Board stays updated automatically with all the latest additions, so you can get your mouth watering before you even step through our front door.


We’ve put together a website that is designed to give you a glimpse into all the many things Greeley customers love about our bar, but nothing is as good as being here with us. Come down to our bar for a relaxed setting, good service, delicious food and drinks, and great sports action seen on our twelve TVs. And, if you don’t believe me, just check out our website and you’ll get a sense of the great things you’ll find inside North Portland’s best sports bar, Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!

It’s March Madness! Go Crazy at Greeley Avenue Bar

March Madness is here and the crowd at Greeley Avenue Bar is ready to host NCAA fans all month long.

Greeley - March Madness_Dirk Hansen

Selection Sunday is this weekend, March 11th, and for college basketball fans this means the start of a fast and furious month that will lead up to intense play during the final four. The teams have been showing a lot of skill and strategy on the court this season that will all culminate in what should be an amazing showdown in the Final Four games.

Come down to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill with your brackets and enjoy a beer as you watch the action unfold on our twelve big screen TVs. Here are the teams the Internet experts are predicting may go all the way.  Greeley - March Madness_rrescot

Kansas Jayhawks

Andrew Hammond of the website Fansided is going with Villanova, Virginia, Xavier and Kansas as the Final Four. Xavier might be a bit of a stretch after their loss to Villanova, but Hammond is relying on the stats that say Xavier is ranking 3rd in the RPI, 5th in strength of schedule and a spectacular 24 wins, which is the same as Villanova and Virginia.

The Kansas vs. Michigan State match-up for the last spot on the top seed line will be close but he’s predicting the Jayhawks will take it based on their overall season. KU may have five less wins than Michigan State (21-26), but the wins are technically better, particularly within the conference.

In the end, Hammond predicts that Kansas will take the championship ring.

Greeley - March Madness_Michael Berera

Michigan Wolverines

USA Today reporter Scott Gleeson believes that it’ll boil down to Michigan. They continue to rack up wins and their games are strong. They’ve been consistently getting better since November and they are really performing at a high level going into the tournament. Defensive coach John Beilein has the best players he’s ever had and they have mastered a fluid, balanced offense that gives them a strong chance to take it all the way.

Greeley - March Madness_Thomson20192


Paul Kasabain of the Bleacher Report says Virginia is a good bet to win the tournament. The top scoring defense by the Cavaliers has allowed for 52.8 points per game and the Pomeroy college basketball ratings also have them ranked as the most efficient team in the nation in terms of their defense. And, don’t overlook their offense. UVA has ranked 32nd in the nation thanks to a 38.9 percent rate and their consistent 3-pointer shooters. Their players are superb, with sophomore guard Kyle Guy leading the Virginia Cavaliers with 13.9 points per game.

Bring your bracket sheets and watch the games with us at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, the best neighborhood sports bar in North Portland!

Greeley - Restaurant Front