Greeley Grindhouse Celebrates Its Five Year Anniversary with Cheech and Chong

Greeley - Grindhouse Anniversary

For five years Greeley Grindhouse has hosted the best B Movies that have come out of the shadows of alternative filmmakers—SANTA CONQUERS THE MARTIANS, MANOS: THE HANDS OF FATE, SHAFT IN AFRICA, and the Sharknado series, to name just a few. We wanted to celebrate these great, but under celebrated movies, by topping off the Grindhouse’s fifth anniversary with a classic fit for our North Portland home.

So, we’re proud to announce Greeley Grindhouse’s next Coming Attraction: Cheech and Chong in UP IN SMOKE!

Roll on into Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill next Thursday and join us for one of the first movies to portray the famed compadres at their height of glory. The 1978 film casts the two stoners in a runaway caper when they unknowingly smuggle a van made entirely of marijuana and drive it from Mexico to L.A. Crazed and incompetent Sgt. Stedenko, played by Stacy Keach, is in hot pursuit as they spend their day cruising the highway and taking up with a group of musicians, including the infamous “Ajax Lady.”

Greeley - Grindhouse Anniversary1

Greeley Grindhouse’s host, Mac Bell, says, “Capping off our five years of Greeley Grindhouse with a movie like Up in Smoke brings it home to Portland, where we celebrate all the weirdness of the human race…man.

Greeley - Fifth Anniversary.jpg

Throughout our last five years Greeley Grindhouse has had many great movie posters made by Edward Kersh and Andy Vanderbilt and Greeley owner Rainer Wieland compiled many of them into one epic poster that will be raffled off during the movie. And, of course, our cooks and bartenders will be on hand to cook up and mix up your favorite food and drinks.

Greeley - Grindhouse Audience

Join us on Thursday, May 18th at 7:20pm Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill for our presentation of Cheech and Chong’s UP IN SMOKE at the five year anniversary of Greeley Grindhouse!


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