Win Big at Greeley Avenue Bar’s Video Poker

Lady Luck has taken a seat at Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill!

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It’s the luck of the draw when you take a turn at one of our regulated electronic video poker machines, Keno and lottery challenges. Our modern gambling play works as simply and efficiently as the best casino floor dealer, and the payouts come even easier!

Friends of Greeley

Begin your video poker play by hitting the “DEAL” button, then sit back and relax as the fast action play begins, our wait staff will take care of you as you wait for that big win. We can serve you one of Portland’s famous craft beers, or get the full Vegas experience with a bourbon-straight up or a dry martini. If you find yourself in the middle of some hot action and you’re riding a winning streak you won’t have to go hungry because our kitchen will cook you up a meal that will carry you all the way to cashing out. It’s a win-win-win!

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Image by: Santeri Viinamaki

When you tire of those games switch it up and join us at the bar for a round or two of Keno or a few lottery tries. Just like our video poker machines, we see these games turn out winners on a regular basis. Greeley Avenue Bar’s video poker machines are located near the back entrance and Keno screens are located around the bar. Our bartenders can help you with your lottery tickets purchases and they’ll cheer you on as you go for the gold.

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The next time you’re looking for a little luck just stop in at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill where you’ll find video poker, lottery and Keno waiting for you to strike it rich!


Tailgate Party at Greeley Avenue Bar for Super Bowl LII

It’s a David and Goliath scenario at Super Bowl LII, with five-time champions, the New England Patriots, taking on first timers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, we’ve got front row seats for all our North Portland football fans.

North Portland Sports Bars

Join us on Sunday, February 4th at 3:30pm for the biggest game of the year. Most commentators are predicting another win for the Patriots, but only if they can overcome the Eagles great defense. But the Patriots have their reliable juggernaut in the Brady-Belichick combo, presenting a tough obstacle for the Eagles who go into the game without their best player, quarterback Carson Wentz. He placed 2nd in NFL touchdown passes in 2017 with 33 but missed the last three games of the season due to a season ending ACL injury in his left knee.


Greeley Avenue will be filled with Super Bowl fans throughout the day. They’ll be rooting for their favorite players, and enjoying the biggest game of the season in front of our twelve large screen, HD televisions.

2016-01-28 04.12.17

We’ve got everyone’s favorite tailgate food ready to satisfy, too. Hot wings with five different dipping sauces, burgers, pork sliders and our daily specials that are designed for the NFL championship game day.

Greeley - Growler

This is the biggest event of the year for football fans and that calls for full growler of your favorite beer. Greeley Avenue Bar can outfit you with a growler filled with any of our on-tap brews. We’ve got a choice of foreign and domestic and craft brews all waiting for you. Fill it up and take it home to enjoy your next pint the next day when you realize that you’ll have to wait a whole seven months for the next regular season games to begin.

North Portland Sports Bar

Whether you’re a fan of the Patriots or the Eagles, Greeley Avenue Bar has the best tailgate party in North Portland. Join us on Sunday, February 4th for Super Bowl LII!

Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Fall Sports Round Up

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The 2017 fall sport season has finally arrived! Football, baseball, and soon the NBA will be lighting up Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s “Wall of TVs” and we’re all getting ready to root for our favorite teams. This is a little of what we’re expecting to see in sports this fall.



After a failed attempt at the Super Bowl last year, the Atlanta Falcons are starting out strong, and the LA Rams are showing strength after their move to LA from St. Louis, with quarterback Jared Goff along with defensive team doing surprisingly well.

Despite early predictions, the Dallas Cowboys are struggling early in the season, and on the Pacific Northwest front, the Seattle Seahawks need improvement if they want another chance as the Super Bowl. Right now they’ve got a good defense but their offense is lacking.


In the world of college football, Alabama and Clemson are both great teams. They made it to the championship last year are likely to again this year.

In the Pac 12 Division, USC, University of Washington, Washington State, and Oregon all look good, with the three schools from the Pacific Northwest so far holding down undefeated streaks and ranking in the top 25.

Baseball Ball


Baseball fans are very excited for the post-season games. The Cleveland Indians, who last year lost the World Series, have won 22 games in a row—more than any other in baseball team history! The LA Dodgers seem to be coming back for another good year and the Chicago Cubs started slow but turned it on recently and are looking at the World Series, as well.

Houston fans are all rooting for the Astros, who are considered one of the best leagues in baseball, with their best offensive teams in years. A bright note for the battered city’s fans.



NBA training starts next week for the upcoming regular season coming up in November, and we’re looking forward to another year of Portland Trailblazers ball.

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Come into Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, your favorite neighborhood sports bar, this fall for

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great sports action shown on Greeley’s “Wall of TVs,”

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great tailgate food,

Greeley Beer

and the best beer, cider, wine, and cocktails in North Portland!

Welcome Back, University of Portland Sports Lovers!

Another semester will soon be starting at the University of Portland and Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill would like to extend a welcome to all the new and returning students!

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If you’re looking for a new bar to call headquarters during the year’s most watched sporting events come check out our “wall of TVs,” where floor-to-ceiling screens keep four games front and center—24/7. We’ve got a total of twelve televisions inside outside on our front and back patio and a big screen in our main room.  You’ll never miss a moment of great competitive actions!

Greeley Beer

All the best Pacific Northwest beers are on tap, along with ciders, cocktails, wine, and the new CBD cannabis drinks that everyone’s talking about. We also carry the domestic and import brews you love.

Greeley Burger

And the best pub grub menu in North Portland, too!

Our chefs take pride in their work and are always trying to outdo themselves in the kitchen, with both traditional and experimental dishes. Try our breakfast menu on Saturdays and Sundays after a late night.

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Best of all, Greeley Avenue has a great group of regulars that make our bar a fun place to meet up with friends. Throughout the month we host poker and quiz nights and we’ve got a pool table, tabletop shuffleboard, and pinball games waiting for you to conquer.

Mock - Free WiFI

We’re also a great alternative when you need some study time. Our free WiFi will keep you connected so you don’t have to shut yourself away when you’ve got a big paper to write. Plus, we also have great Irish coffees, too!


Make a pub run to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill and see why we are North Portland’s favorite sports bar!

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How to Drink A Guinness the Irish Way

Again and again, Portland finds itself at the top of every list for the best beer city anywhere in the world. We know beer because we love beer. But do we know the proper way to drink beer?

Last year Jon and Rainer visited Ireland where they were schooled on the proper way to pour and drink a Guinness and now they want to share their education with Portland’s beer aficionados. Because, as one Irish bartender told them, “Great bartenders know how to craft a perfect pint.”

Here are the finer points of pouring the perfect pint of Guinness:

FIrst beer in Dublin at the Hairy Lemon

Image: First Beer in Dublin Ireland at the Hairy Lemon.

The “Two Step Pour”

  • Use a Guinness drinking glass, with the Guinness logo.
  • Grip Guinness glass with fingers placed vertically along the side with your forefinger on the harp.
  • Tilt the glass 45 degrees under the tap letting the beer pour onto the harp.
  • Pull the tap handle all the way down, pouring onto the harp .
  • When the beer level reaches bottom of the harp, SLOWLY rotate the glass upright and “STOP at the top” of the harp.
  • Set on bar for viewing and wait 2 minutes, or when the liquid part of the drink reaches the bottom of the harp and the foam is settled on the top.
  • Finish filling the glass with the glass held straight down under the tap.
  • Pour to the very top to create a head that is 3mm above glass and 18mm below to create “provide of the rim,” or the beautiful presentation of a traditional pint of Guinness.


The “One Step Pour” for Guinness in the can.

  • Place the can on a level surface.
  • Open the can and allow it to sit for five to ten seconds.
  • Tilt the glass 45 degrees, and pour onto the harp.
  • When the level reaches the bottom of the harp, level the glass vertically and finish the pour to create the famous Guinness head.

Greeley - Guinness

Note: Don’t be surprised when you pop open a can of Guinness and hear a rattling sound inside. All Guinness cans come with a patented “widget” ball. It’s a little plastic ball that provides movement inside the can to create the optimal head on their thick and creamy stout. Those Guinness brewers think of everything!

Greeley - Guinness1

And most importantly: How to Drink a Guinness, according to the Guinness master brewer.

Guinness drinkers stand proud! You’ve earned your space at the bar.

  • Elbow up to a horizontal position
  • Eyes to the horizon.
  • Tilt the glass head and enjoy the flavor of the beer. The head should be same size from the first sip to the last.

Greeley Deck

If you want to practice your skills at drinking Guinness the traditional way visit us at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill in North Portland and watch as our bartenders demonstrate the finer points of Guinness drinking

Show Your Greeley Spirit in Our New Hoodie Sweatshirts

Some sports fans love their pennants. Some love their foam fingers. Some love their team jerseys, but here at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill we show our Greeley team love inside our brand new Greeley branded sweatshirts! DSC09280.jpg

Our black hoodies will wrap you in warmth and protect you from the elements on the field, pitch, or diamond. We spared no expense when it came to designing this sweatshirt. It’s made of high-quality cotton fabric and features the Greeley logo on the front and an outlined image of our bar and the address on the back. So if you ever find yourself lost, let our sweatshirt help you find your way back to North Portland’s friendliest neighborhood sports bar.

The sweatshirts come in small, medium, large, X-large,  XX-large, and XXX-large and wear extremely well, becoming that one sweatshirt you would feel naked without. It’s easy care, too—just toss it in the washing machine, and then throw it in the dryer. It is sure to quickly become one of your favorite, most reliable pieces of clothing in your closet.

Greeley Deck

The Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill sweatshirt makes a great gift for any of our faithful patrons. It is both practical and shows off one of their favorite home-away-from-home havens. So, the next time you’re enjoying a beer at Greeley don’t forget to purchase one of our black hoodie sweatshirts from our wait staff for only $25, then slip it on and show your Greeley pride!


Give Your Sports Fan the Perfect Valentines Day Gift

It’s Valentines Day, and the pressure is on. What do you get a sports lover who already has a treasure trove of shirts, hats, and every other kind of memorabilia sporting their favorite team’s logo? Don’t worry—we’ve got an idea for you that will make this year’s gift stand out above all others: a Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s gift card!


When you give your loved one a Greeley gift card you’re giving them a day’s worth of fun, friends, and fierce sports action! They can watch a game broadcast on one of the top cable sports packages under the warm glow of our heated front and back patios, or inside at Greeley’s “Fifty Yard Line” HD projection screen or “Wall of TVs,” where twelve screens let you watch every game you want to all at once.

The Bar Bells.jpg

Join your favorite person at the bar to celebrate their team’s victory while you enjoy your favorite beverage. You know you can always count on Greeley’s bartenders to serve you the best beers, ciders, wines, and cocktails—and sometimes you’ll even get to be the first to test out a drink special they’ve been working on.

Friends of Greeley

Greeley is one of North Portland’s favorite sports bar, but did you know we host many other special events, as well? Each month Greeley Grindhouse shows a movie that is so bad, it’s good. Everything from Reefer Madness to Sharknado might light up the screen once a month (check our Facebook feed for information about this month’s showing). And, of course, our pool table, video lottery, pinball, and tabletop shuffleboard are great ways to let your competitive spirit loose on your friends.

Greeley - Crowd.jpg

This Valentines Day steal a kiss from your honey and give a Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill gift card!