Two Thanksgiving Traditions at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill

Settle in for a day of football and a plate full of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes at North Portland’s favorite sports bar! Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill will be serving a heaping helping of mashed potatoes and gravy, juicy cranberry sauce and a hot turkey dinner for your Thanksgiving meal.

Greeley - Thanksgiving 2

Sit down to dinner in front of our twelve big screen TVs and watch NFL and other top sports playing that day. Our bar is set up so that no matter where you are you’ll be front and center for the best sports action, even on our heated front and back patios.

The Detroit Lions will be facing off against the Minnesota Vikings at 9:30am PST and the Dallas Cowboys will take on the Los Angeles Chargers at 1:30pm PST. In the day’s third game, the Washington Redskins will challenge their NFC East rivals, the New York Giants, in the team’s 10th Thanksgiving Day appearance.

2016-01-28 04.12.17

When you’re ready for some tailgate food order up a plate of Buffalo wings and one of our five sauces. Whether you like them spicy hot or savory and sweet, our wings are perfect for any game day.

Greeley Burger

And if you’re not the turkey type, give one of our juicy burgers a try. Our menu features ten varieties that include your favorites, like the Out n In Burger, Whiskey BBQ Bacon Burger and the famous Yorgo Burger with two all beef patties, bacon, ham, a fried egg and cheese.


We’ll keep your favorite drinks coming, too! Our taps are flowing with your favorite craft beer and cider, and our bartender is happy to mix up a cocktail or pour you a glass of wine.

Greeley - March Madness1

This Thanksgiving, why not hang out at the bar with other sports fans. We’ve got the games, the food and the fans waiting for you at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!


Welcome Back, University of Portland Sports Lovers!

Another semester will soon be starting at the University of Portland and Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill would like to extend a welcome to all the new and returning students!

Greeley - UofP.jpg

If you’re looking for a new bar to call headquarters during the year’s most watched sporting events come check out our “wall of TVs,” where floor-to-ceiling screens keep four games front and center—24/7. We’ve got a total of twelve televisions inside outside on our front and back patio and a big screen in our main room.  You’ll never miss a moment of great competitive actions!

Greeley Beer

All the best Pacific Northwest beers are on tap, along with ciders, cocktails, wine, and the new CBD cannabis drinks that everyone’s talking about. We also carry the domestic and import brews you love.

Greeley Burger

And the best pub grub menu in North Portland, too!

Our chefs take pride in their work and are always trying to outdo themselves in the kitchen, with both traditional and experimental dishes. Try our breakfast menu on Saturdays and Sundays after a late night.

Greeley - Bar Scene1

Best of all, Greeley Avenue has a great group of regulars that make our bar a fun place to meet up with friends. Throughout the month we host poker and quiz nights and we’ve got a pool table, tabletop shuffleboard, and pinball games waiting for you to conquer.

Mock - Free WiFI

We’re also a great alternative when you need some study time. Our free WiFi will keep you connected so you don’t have to shut yourself away when you’ve got a big paper to write. Plus, we also have great Irish coffees, too!


Make a pub run to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill and see why we are North Portland’s favorite sports bar!

Greeley - Restaurant Front

Going Topless at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!

The height of summer is upon us and that means a lot of hot days in the coming weeks. We may all be thinking about cooling off on a beach somewhere, but at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill you can go topless right here in North Portland!


Every good burger begins with high-quality beef, and the chefs at Greeley don’t skimp on taste when they prepare a Topless Double Double. They use only the juiciest, most delicious meat they can find and grill it to perfection, with crispy edges on the outside and perfectly cooked on the inside. They throw a slice of cheddar cheese over each patty and let it melt down the sides, sealing in the flavor and adding a creamy layer of great taste to their masterpiece.


Next, they pile it high with two slices of tomato and some onion and skewer it through to a bed a crunchy lettuce leaves and place it on a plate next to a dill pickle spear and a pile of fries, tater tots, or kettle chips. It’s a meal good enough for any grill master!


Whether you are living a carb free life or just prefer to keep the taste of high-quality beef front and center on your plate, Greeley’s Topless Double Double is a great way to let loose and enjoy a summer meal.

Join us on Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s front and back porches for a Topless Double Double and a pint of your favorite summer beer!

Got a Sweet Tooth? We Can Help You With That

You’ve enjoyed a juicy burger. You’ve downed it with one of Portland’s great craft beers. You taken care of the hunger that’s been plaguing you all day, now it’s time to satisfy your sweet tooth with one of Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s  favorite treats; a spiked Pudding Shot!

Greeley - Pudding Shot.png

Our bartenders have created a treat for all of you who love to end their meal on a sweet note. They’ve mixed the great taste of chocolate, the airy texture of whipped topping, the creamy smoothness of milk, and a doubled-down kick of Baily’s© Original Irish Cream whiskey and vodka,

Greeley - Pudding Shot1.png

It’s a drink you eat with a spoon!

Greeley - Pudding Shot2.png

Whether you try the original chocolate flavor, or a special edition variety of coconut or peppermint that are sometimes featured as a special addition to the menu, you’ll love our take on this party favorite. They are great before, during and, of course, after every meal. I love them right after one of Greeley Avenue’s Three Pepper Fire Burgers as a way to take the temperature back down. And, one Pudding Shot, or more, make a great prize to bet on when you step up to the pool or shuffleboard tables.

Next time you are at Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill in North Portland give one of our spiked Pudding Shots a try. It’s a great way to end a meal and start a party!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Greeley Avenue Bar

2017-03-10 05.06.55.jpg

It’s a well-known fact that Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill hires skilled bartenders and chefs to come up an inventive and delicious menu, but that reputation has recently expanded when we hired a man who loves to bake us extra special sweet treats for the perfect finish for your satisfying meal.

2017-04-03 20.19.21.jpg

Our baker goes by the name “Fish” but there’s no denying that his skill in the kitchen goes far beyond the main course, even with that protein inspired name. Cupcakes and cookies of all varieties are baked fresh in the Greeley kitchen and fill the display plate that sits on our counter for all to admire.

2017-03-10 05.08.24.jpg

Creative baking is a self-taught skill that Fish has been cultivating for years, to the delight of friends and family alike. Now that he’s found a home at Greeley Avenue Bar he works with owners Jon and Rainer to bring in fresh ingredients for his baking, allowing him to come up with his own combinations of flavors; salted caramel nut, banana chocolate, dark chocolate, and strawberry rhubarb—to name just a few.


His cookies are amazing, too. Chocolate chip, double chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, and every other kind imaginable. Their chewy, gooey goodness will melt in your mouth.

2017-04-03 20.41.12.jpg

And did I mention that all his cookies are as big as plates, too? This satisfied customer picked up a chocolate chip cookie and it instantly put a smile on her face.

2017-04-03 20.21.15.jpg

Next time you sit down to a dinner at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill add one of Fish’s great desserts to your meal and you’ll leave with a satisfied smile on your face, too

Wake Up to a Breakfast at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill

It’s a well known fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It should be healthy and filling, and accompanied by a glass of spiked coffee or juice. Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill has you covered with a great weekend breakfast menu and the best Bloody Marys, screwdrivers, mimosas, and spiked hot coffee found in North Portland.

Greeley - Breakfast.jpg

Our breakfast menu offers everything from the traditional bacon, eggs and pancakes, to vegetarian scrambles, and everything in-between. For people who hate getting up in the morning we have the “Eye-Opener” breakfast, with two eggs, bacon, and a crisp waffle with maple syrup paired with one of our spicy Bloody Marys. It’ll really get your heart pumping. Our “McBreakfast” sandwich is our “slow-food” take on the well-known fast food breakfast sandwich. Choose from sausage, bacon, or ham, with egg and cheese and encased in a toasted English muffin. It’s delicious, a great two-fisted meal, and just enough to fill you up as you head out the door. Breakfast is served from 9am to 2pm every Saturday and Sunday.

Greeley - Breakfast.jpgAt Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill we want to help everyone get a great start to their day with a delicious meal and a tasty drink. Check out our website to view the full breakfast menu, but don’t forget to ask your waitstaff about our daily specials when you’re in. Every day our kitchen comes up with tasty treats that you don’t want to miss out on, including special edition drinks!

Greeley’s Competitive Spirit Found In A Wing Basket

At Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill we love the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. Our twelve big screen TVs let us watch that saga play out on basketball courts, football fields, baseball diamonds, hockey rinks, and soccer pitches all over the world. But we not only celebrate that great competitive spirit on screen, we also celebrate it on our menu with a wing basket and five different sauces competing for your love.

2016-01-28 04.12.17Choose from six, nine, or twelve piece wing baskets, then team it up with your favorite sauces for a winning culinary combination. They all taste great, as I found out recently when I conducted a little competition of my own. This is my breakdown of the different tastes of Greeley’s wing sauces.

2016-01-28 04.12.17 (1).jpgHabanero Hot
Do you like hot sauce? Are you ready to go on a wild ride with only a wing and a prayer? All you need to do is dip into the Habanero Hot sauce to get a bold kick of out of life.

Honey Ginger GarlicVersion 2
Sweet, with a hint of savory spices make this a great sauce for those who love the taste of Asia. It’s a beautiful golden color that glistens on the wing as you take a bite.

2016-01-28 04.12.40 (1).jpgFrank’s Brand Traditional Buffalo
The original gangsta of wing sauces, Frank’s Brand Traditional Buffalo sauce provides a spicy kick with full-on pepper flavor. It’s the kind of sauce that makes you to sit up and take notice.

Whiskey BBQVersion 4
Smoky and sweet, this is a great take on the traditional barbeque sauce. It scoops up well, coating the edges with a beautiful brown sauce that clings to every nook and cranny of the wing.

2016-01-28 04.12.40 (3).jpgGreeley Buffalo
You can’t eat wings at Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill without trying their own specially made “Greeley Buffalo Sauce.” Born of the cook’s own love of Buffalo wings, you’ll find that it’s smoky and sweet, with a slight kick of pepper that stays with you as you dig into another basket of Greeley’s great wings.

Next time you’re in North Portland stop by, check out our menu, and give our wing sauces a try. We’re sure you’ll find one you love at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill.