Thanksgiving traditions endure at Greeley Avenue

Ask North Portlanders to name their favorite holiday tradition, and no doubt you will hear “Thanksgiving Day at Greeley Avenue.” There’s a good reason for that. For the past 11 years, Greeley Avenue has been serving up NoPo’s favorite Thanksgiving feast. Credit goes to head chef Denise Morris, who has handling the chore single handedly for the past several years. “I think I look forward to it almost as much as the customers do,” says Denise.

When it comes to Denise’s Thanksgiving dinner, anticipation is the word of the day. As Denise explains, “Customers start asking about it in October”.

Greeley’s famous Thanksgiving feast would make your mom jealous, and includes all the traditional favorites: roasted turkey, homemade stuffing and gravy, green bean casserole almandine, cranberry sauce and Hawaiian rolls. Most of which is made right on the premises. 

Denise’s homemade stuffing is a holiday favorite.

Thanksgiving Day starts bright and early for Denise. Says Denise, “The turkey takes a few hours to cook, plus I have to make all stuffing, gravy and casserole. All told, about 10 hours go into preparing the meal, including the shopping.”

Roasted turkey, fresh from the oven.

Dinner is served right around 12 noon and always sells out quickly. “A lot of our customers like to get their dinner to go,” explains Denise, “others like to enjoy it along with the big NFL games on the Big Screen.” 

Homemade Thanksgiving dinner waiting to be served.

If you missed it this year, don’t despair. Denise will be back in the kitchen again in a few weeks preparing Christmas dinner. You’ll want to add that to your list of favorite holiday traditions, too.

Make Greeley Avenue home field for NFL Sunday

If you’re a football fan, you know the feeling. It starts bright and early Sunday morning with an almost manic urge to find the tv remote control. This in turn is followed by a mad dash to the kitchen to make sure there is enough food and liquid refreshment on hand to last through the day. Finally, there is the made scroll through the tv listings in search of the Big Game. 

You don’t have to be a Seahawks fan to love Greeley Avenue.
Heck, we’ve even known to make Ravens fans feel at home.

It’s called Sunday Football Fever. And while there is no cure for it, there is help. Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill.

Greeley Avenue is NoPo’s home field for Sunday Football. Each week, pigskin prognosticators and neighborhood locals gather around their favorite widescreen to cheer on the team of their choice. With 11 widescreens to choose from, you can catch all your favorite teams with little more than a turn of your head.

Nothing beats the excitement of a crowded sports bar on Sunday morning!

Naturally, the Seahawks always draw a crowd, and are often front and center on the Big Screen. That’s not to say that other fans aren’t welcome also. Have a special game you’d like to see? Just ask  your favorite bartender and they’ll do their best to get it on a screen for you. Say “pretty please” and they might even turn the volume up for you. You wouldn’t want to miss a beer commercial.

Speaking of beer, Greeley has all your favorites on tap, including a rotating selection of 16 brews that can be found on our Taps List.

Enjoy NFL Sunday Breakfast while you cheer on your favorite team.

Of course, this being Greeley Avenue Bar & GRILL, football isn’t the only main attraction on Sunday. Greeley also boasts the best gridiron grub in NoPo, with a variety a NFL Big Breakfast Specials. Other food and drink specials are posted on the giant chalkboard just inside the door. 

So why limit yourself to a local market game or two at home, when you can catch all the League action along with your friends at Greeley Avenue?

Come early – the parking lot fills fast on Sunday!

Paint and Pints do mix. They just taste kind of funny together.

If you thought Greeley Avenue was a great place to soak up sports, think again. It’s also become the spot to release your inner artist, courtesy of our very own Erica Peebus.

Many of you probably recognize Erica from behind the bar. But when she’s not busy pouring a draft, she can often be found pouring her soul into her latest work of art.

Erica Peebus. Bartender Extraordinaire and Paint & Pints Hostess.

For the past couple of months, she’s been teaching a monthly painting class at our sister pub, Yukon Tavern. It’s proven such a hit, that she’s now sharing Paint & Pints right here at Greeley Avenue. 

In three hours time, Erica will teach you how to transform a blank canvas into something worthy of the Museum of Modern Art . (Well, at least a spot above your own mantle.) It might be a still life one month, a landscape the next – the constant variety only adds to the fun! It’s a great way to make new friends and meet other budding artists of legal drinking age.

Paint & Pints is open to painters of all skill levels.

For just $35 – payable the day of class, you will receive all the supplies you need to create your work of art, plus 3 hours of step-by-step instruction. And best of all, you get to keep the your painting when you are done.

Says Erica, “It’s really great to see people surprising themselves at how good they are at painting.”

Erica’s personal step-by-step instruction will help you release your inner Van Gogh – without sacrificing an ear.

Even more advanced students can learn from Erica’s personal instruction. So come brush up on the art of perspective, or learn a new brush technique. You just might surprise yourself!

Greeley Avenue’s natural lighting, laid back environment and mouth-watering menu make it an ideal setting in which to host the monthly lessons. And who could have imagined that beer and paint could go so well together?