Saying Good-bye to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill

Time marches on, and so do I. I’ll be moving to a new city soon. When I get there, I’ll seek out those special places, just like Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, to kick back, relax, and enjoy watching a game with friends. Still, there are many things I’ll miss, and these are a few of my favorites.

Greeley - Blazer Update

Sports, Sports, Sports!

Greeley has been my favorite courtside seat for seven years. No matter what season or what game is being played, I know I will find a great seat in front of one of Greeley’s twelve big screen TVS. During this year’s NBA playoff season, I met friends at Greeley to cheer on the Portland Trailblazers and I’ll never forget all the times I got to celebrate the many amazing moments during those games.

Delicious Food and Drinks

During those playoffs (and ever game) I know I can count on a great plate of tailgating food and a thirst-quenching drink to wash it down. One of my favorite meals is Greeley’s wing basket. There’s a choice of five different sauces and I’ve had many great debates about which is best—because they’re all so good! Their new CBD drink quickly became a favorite of mine. The Abliss Cranberry Orange flavor is mild and fruity and cools down your mouth after you pop a spicy Buffalo wing in your mouth.

Greeley’s food is legendary in North Portland. Their chefs take a lot of pride in their work and are always upgrading their menu with new choices that will send your stomach into a euphoric stupor. Their weekend breakfasts, in particular, truly shine.

Greeley - Blazer Update1

Competitive Action

The competition you’ll find at Greeley Avenue Bar isn’t just viewed on screen. Every week they host Quizzys Bar Trivia and Texas Hold ‘em tournaments. It brings in some regulars that I know and new people who want to get in on the action.

Greeley - Sign

After having called Greeley Avenue Bar my sports haven for nearly a decade, I’ll miss all the fun I’ve had there, but I’ll look forward to visiting again when I’m in North Portland.

Until next time Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth at Greeley Avenue Bar

2017-03-10 05.06.55.jpg

It’s a well-known fact that Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill hires skilled bartenders and chefs to come up an inventive and delicious menu, but that reputation has recently expanded when we hired a man who loves to bake us extra special sweet treats for the perfect finish for your satisfying meal.

2017-04-03 20.19.21.jpg

Our baker goes by the name “Fish” but there’s no denying that his skill in the kitchen goes far beyond the main course, even with that protein inspired name. Cupcakes and cookies of all varieties are baked fresh in the Greeley kitchen and fill the display plate that sits on our counter for all to admire.

2017-03-10 05.08.24.jpg

Creative baking is a self-taught skill that Fish has been cultivating for years, to the delight of friends and family alike. Now that he’s found a home at Greeley Avenue Bar he works with owners Jon and Rainer to bring in fresh ingredients for his baking, allowing him to come up with his own combinations of flavors; salted caramel nut, banana chocolate, dark chocolate, and strawberry rhubarb—to name just a few.


His cookies are amazing, too. Chocolate chip, double chocolate, peanut butter chocolate, and every other kind imaginable. Their chewy, gooey goodness will melt in your mouth.

2017-04-03 20.41.12.jpg

And did I mention that all his cookies are as big as plates, too? This satisfied customer picked up a chocolate chip cookie and it instantly put a smile on her face.

2017-04-03 20.21.15.jpg

Next time you sit down to a dinner at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill add one of Fish’s great desserts to your meal and you’ll leave with a satisfied smile on your face, too

Meet Rainer; Sports Lover and Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Owner

Greeley - Rainer1.jpgIt takes a lot of passion to run a bar, something that comes naturally to sports lovers no matter what games you follow. Bringing that same level of passion with you to work is what makes a good job, great, and a sports bar the place you want to be when the games are on. I sat down with Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill owner, Rainer Wieland, recently to learn more about his passion for sports and the beers he chooses when he’s watching them at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill.

Which sports do you follow?
Ice Hockey is my favorite sport to follow. It’s fast pace and low scoring with a lot of action that really keeps the games exciting.

What beer do you choose while watching hockey?
My go-to beer is Lagunitas IPA© because of its strong flavor, so you can nurse a few beers during long games and never loose focus on the plays. I’ve also recently become a bigger fan of Guiness© after returning from the Ireland trip I took with Jon (Greeley’s other owner).


I know you were born in East Berlin in Germany. Do you follow any German teams?
Soccer has always been such a big sport in Germany so I like to see their soccer team play during the World Cup Series.

What sports do you participate in?
You’ll find me on my bicycle a lot. I participate in cycling events but not as a competitor. I do a lot of pub pedals with friends on my bicycle and make usually plan a stop at Greeley along the route.

Greeley - Rainer

When you do stop into Greeley during a pub pedal what drink do you order?
I tend to start the ride with Stiegl Radler. Stiegl is made in the Salzburg region of Austria so it has a distinctive German taste that I like, and Radler is the German word for “cyclists” so it’s custom-made for events like a pub run. It’s got a light citrus taste and is low in alcohol, which makes it a perfect starter for a long run.
As we get further into the ride I turn to India Pale Ale for their robust flavor and body.

Greeley - Rainer

Are there any games or events that you’re looking forward to this summer?
I’m looking forward to attending the Olympic track and field trials coming up in Eugene early next month and seeing the best runners in America compete against each other. And, always the start of a new hockey season.

What’s your favorite American team or player to watch?
The Portland Winterhawks, of course! They have exciting games and it’s always great to see Winterhawk fans come into Greeley. I also like watching the USA Women’s soccer team. They’ve really brought a lot of excitementto the game.

Join Rainer in cheering on your favorite team in front of one of the twelve TVs you’ll find at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, and don’t forget to order up your favorite beer, too!IMG_1567

Meet Greeley Avenue’s Bartender: Mason Jones

It’s often said actions speak louder than words, and humor is surely funnier when its delivered on one of Greeley Avenue’s Bar & Grill bartender’s, Mason Jones, many message shirts.

Known around the bar as the “Funny T-shirt” guy, Mason has gained a reputation as someone who lets his t-shirts do the talking. Opinions, warnings, invitations; they’re all there for us to see what he’s thinking before he even steps up to the bar to take our order. And through the many messages his shirts give us, we also learn a little bit about who he is, too.

Mason began working in the service industry at fourteen as a bus boy. In 1997 he moved to Portland, working in kitchens throughout the city before finally landing on North Portland’s Lombard Street. After long shifts serving the public Mason would cap off the night at Greeley’s sister bar, Mock Crest Tavern, unwinding with the staff and swapping work stories. It was during those conversations that he heard about the great management of co-owners, Rainer Wieland and Jon Batcheller. He soon was filling out his application and for the last three years he’s been a regular face at both bars, where he feels like it’s more than just a job. It’s family.

“Greeley (Avenue Bar & Grill) has a family-like atmosphere, 

I’m close with the patrons, co-workers and owners.” – Mason Jones

Mason continues to increase his t-shirt collection and share his sardonic humor with his friends and family at Greeley Ave Bar. He’s even gained a loyal following of his own, with one former Greeley customer calling in from Florida when he needs a laugh to find out what Mason’s shirt has to say that day.

Mason Jones is the perfect example of the attention to detail Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill has for, not only our great bar and food menus, but also what our staff and service people offer our customers. So, stop in and see for yourself what Mason Jones’ shirt has to say today!

Meet Bode Brandt; Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s New Chef

With the city’s wide variety of cooking styles and flavors, Chef Bode Brandt considers Portland the “mecca of food.” It’s an appropriate title coming from a man who has cooked in nearly every state across the nation, and, lucky for us, this creative chef has chosen Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill as the final stop on his culinary journey.

Bode’s lifelong devotion to creating mouth-watering food started when he and his grandma used to cook together for their family gatherings in Los Angeles, California. Eventually, the open road called to him and he took off on a tour of America. Working to fund his travels, Bode utilized skills he’d picked up in her kitchen and added to his culinary arsenal by watching other cooks he met along the way. “Working in kitchens all over the United States was the equivalent of attending culinary school for me, except my experience was learning to cook in real life situations. Something even the best culinary school can’t provide.”

 “Working in kitchens all over the United States was the equivalent of attending culinary school for me, except my experience was learning to cook in real life situations. Something even the best culinary school can’t provide.”

– Bode Brandt, Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Chef

Finally landing in Portland, Bode found work in both the Cup and Saucer Café and Beaterville Café, where he specialized in making great breakfasts. When Greeley Avenue Bar contacted Bode seven months ago to ask him to join our staff he jumped at the opportunity. A great find for us because now we get to taste all the best flavors he picked up during his travels. And he’s working up a few new ones for us to try, too.

Greeley Breakfast1 Greeley Breakfast

So, if you long for a vacation you can begin it at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill where you’ll experience Bode’s take on the best bar food found in America. And you can bet he’ll have his culinary game face on for Super Bowl Sunday, so stop in for breakfast and let Bode fill you up for the big game!

Meet Amber Snow; Your Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Manager

AmberSnowWhen you love a place you tend to stay there and grow with it, helping it become a better version of itself. That is exactly the role that Amber Snow has played during her five years as part of the Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s team.

Amber became a part of our bar five years ago when she was hired to wash dishes, but, with her friendly personality there was no doubt that she should be quickly taken out of the kitchen and given the roles of server and bartender. And only a year later her calm, can-do spirit was a natural fit for the role of manager.

Since becoming manager Amber’s seen a lot of changes to Greeley Avenue Bar. She’s worked with the owners to make improvements to the bar by fixing the leaky roof, establishing an outdoor seating area at the back of the bar and improving the deck in front of the entrance, and completing the recent remodeling project in Greeley’s Back Room. Amber appreciates the owners’ drive to take Greeley into a new era of being our neighborhood’s best sports bar. “Jon and Rainer are active owners, always striving to improve Greeley Avenue Bar.”

“Jon and Rainer are active owners,
always striving to improve Greeley Avenue Bar.”

The sports bar that Greeley has become under Amber’s management has incorporated many of her favorite activities. Quizzy! Bar Trivia nights, Greeley Grindhouse movies and the ever present sporting events bring the people that Amber loves to meet and the regulars that she knows by name.

The feeling you get when you enter Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill is that you are walking into your neighborhood hangout and that stems from Amber Snow’s management style. Her laid-back nature creates a bond between her staff and the customers that is real. And that bond is what lies beneath the laid-back vibe that permeates Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill.


Stop on by Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill to meet Amber and order up her favorite menu items; the cheeseburger sliders and one of the many beers or ciders featured in Greeley Avenue’s bar menu. Our doors are always open, even on holidays.