Game On! It’s the Beavers v. the Ducks


The Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers are gearing up to face off Thanksgiving weekend during the 2017 Civil War game, and Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill will be presenting all the action on our “Wall of TVs.”

After a dismal start to the season, the Beavers come to the field with five losses and only one win behind them The Ducks have fared only slightly better, with a lackluster five wins out of ten games. Put these two teams together, add in their home state fans, and it will be interesting to see who manages to pull off a win. (Scores are reflective of this publishing date).


 The Beavers are working with a new coach after Gary Anderson stepped aside to let Cory Hall see what he could do for the team after the sixth game. But with three losses already racked up under his leadership, the Beavers are going into the match up against the Ducks at a disadvantage.

Likewise, the Ducks are working with a new coach. Willie Taggart is leading the Ducks as a rookie coach and so far he’s only been able to keep his head above water against the Pac-12 Conference teams.

Greeley - Bar Scene1 

This year the excitement of the Oregon Civil War game might not be found in amazing plays and exciting action on the field. The biggest moment of the day may just be found in a frosty pint of beer and a basket of wings at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill. Come out on Saturday, November 25th to enjoy the best North Portland sports bar while you watch the Oregon Ducks v. the Oregon State Beavers.


A “Trick or Drinking” North Portland Pub Crawl

Move over Hershey’s, Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill and Mock Crest Tavern have the tastiest treats this Halloween!

Trego - Halloween.jpg

Remember counting down the days until we could put on costumes, walk around the neighborhood and beg our neighbors for candy? Well, don’t fret the passage of time because we’ve got a solution for those adult trick or treaters. 

Greeley - Crowd

Lucky for those living in North Portland, that fun doesn’t have to stop when you turn 21, because two of NoPo’s favorite neighborhood bars are within walking distance of each other, which make them the perfect bars to go trick or drinking.

Greeley Beer

At Greeley Avenue Bar and Mock Crest Tavern we may not hand out free treats, but you can bet the golden nectar that we pour from our taps will be just as good as any candy.

Greeley - Growler

You can even take your favorite beer home with you in a Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Growler! You tell us which brew is your favorite and we’ll fill up a little brown jug just for you.
Greeley Deck

The North Portland pub crawl from Greeley to Mock Crest Tavern on Lombard Street is just 1.3 miles along easily traversed streets, and it provides you with two fun spots to celebrate Halloween. Begin your spooky pub crawl at Greeley to catch Game 6 of the World Series, then amble on over to Mock to enjoy a second neighborhood bar.


This Halloween plan a pub crawl in North Portland and hit up NoPo’s two favorite bars—Mock Crest Tavern and Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!

Watch the World Series at North Portland’s Favorite Sports Bar

Greeley - Baseball.jpg

The countdown is on for the 2017 World Series—come watch with us on our “Wall of TVs” at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!

This year experts are predicting games that could bring about a much-needed win for a hard hit city. Here’s what they tell us we should expect to see this year and a breakdown of the World Series schedules

Houston Astros

Image by: Keith Allison

American League Championship Series

Starters Dallas Keuchel and Justin Verlander of the Houston Astros combined for 16 innings of one-run ball and 23 strikeouts against the Yankees in Games 1 and 2, respectively, giving the Astros an advantage every time they go up against the Yankee pitching staff.

In order for the Yankees to overtake the Astro’s they’ll have to turn to their bullpen to gain an advantage, but even with that in plan it’s hard seeing the Bronx Bombers defeating either pitcher, as the Yankee starters will have to be near perfect to pull off a win.

The Expert’s Pick: Astros in 6

Greeley - World Series 2017.2

Image by: Ken Lund

National League Championship Series

Justin Turner’s homerun in the bottom of the ninth inning on Sunday shot the Los Angeles Dodgers to the lead in the National League Championship Series. They’ll be relying on that momentum as the series turns towards Chicago for two, possibly three, more games.

You can expect Cubs fans to be raucous in favor of the home side riding on the wave of excitement from last year’s big win at the 2016 World Series, and all that positive energy provides a great advantage for home teams in the playoffs.

Kyle Hendricks looks like a force for Chicago. He allowed only 17 home runs and pitched a 3.03 ERA this year, but don’t discount the Dodgers. They may have the advantage in Game 4 when Alex Wood takes the mound. Wood’s has the amazing ability to strike out nearly a batter per inning, and he’s earned a 2.72 ERA. Between Wood and Clayton Kershaw, who is considered the best pitcher this decade, it’ll be hard to bet against the Dodgers.

Pick: Dodgers in 5


Image by: Kevin Ward

World Series 2017: Houston Astros v. Los Angeles Dodgers

The Astros’ has a well-balanced, deep roster that has proven difficult for opposing pitchers all season. Every batter in their lineup have powerful swings and their top three hitters (Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and George Springer) were All-Stars, and Altuve has a chance of being the American League’s MVP.

Their record year has been continued with two other regulars, Josh Reddick and Marwin Gonzalez, hitting over .300. And, Yuli Gurriel nearly falling just shy of that at .299, and eleven players racking up 12 or more home runs, to finally claim first in numerous hitting categories (e.g. batting average and runs) and second in homers.

Houston’s lineup has numerous options on both sides of the plate in pinch-hitting situations when manager A.J. Hinch decides to take out his pitcher or make a substitution, and this fact will be the difference if they go up against the Dodgers, who have a deeper pitching staff but can compete with the Astros in terms of their ability to hit for power and average.

Final Pick: Astros in 6


         World Series Schedule

Game 1: Tuesday, October 24 on FOX

Game 2: Wednesday, October 25 on FOX

Game 3: Friday, October 27 on FOX

Game 4: Saturday, October 28 on FOX

*Game 5: Sunday, October 29 on FOX

*Game 6: Tuesday, October 31 on FOX

*Game 7: Wednesday, November 1 on FOX


Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Fall Sports Round Up

Greeley - Bar Scene1

The 2017 fall sport season has finally arrived! Football, baseball, and soon the NBA will be lighting up Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s “Wall of TVs” and we’re all getting ready to root for our favorite teams. This is a little of what we’re expecting to see in sports this fall.



After a failed attempt at the Super Bowl last year, the Atlanta Falcons are starting out strong, and the LA Rams are showing strength after their move to LA from St. Louis, with quarterback Jared Goff along with defensive team doing surprisingly well.

Despite early predictions, the Dallas Cowboys are struggling early in the season, and on the Pacific Northwest front, the Seattle Seahawks need improvement if they want another chance as the Super Bowl. Right now they’ve got a good defense but their offense is lacking.


In the world of college football, Alabama and Clemson are both great teams. They made it to the championship last year are likely to again this year.

In the Pac 12 Division, USC, University of Washington, Washington State, and Oregon all look good, with the three schools from the Pacific Northwest so far holding down undefeated streaks and ranking in the top 25.

Baseball Ball


Baseball fans are very excited for the post-season games. The Cleveland Indians, who last year lost the World Series, have won 22 games in a row—more than any other in baseball team history! The LA Dodgers seem to be coming back for another good year and the Chicago Cubs started slow but turned it on recently and are looking at the World Series, as well.

Houston fans are all rooting for the Astros, who are considered one of the best leagues in baseball, with their best offensive teams in years. A bright note for the battered city’s fans.



NBA training starts next week for the upcoming regular season coming up in November, and we’re looking forward to another year of Portland Trailblazers ball.

Greeley Avenue Logo.jpg

Come into Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, your favorite neighborhood sports bar, this fall for

DSC00944 copy

great sports action shown on Greeley’s “Wall of TVs,”

2016-01-28 04.12.17

great tailgate food,

Greeley Beer

and the best beer, cider, wine, and cocktails in North Portland!

Welcome Back, University of Portland Sports Lovers!

Another semester will soon be starting at the University of Portland and Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill would like to extend a welcome to all the new and returning students!

Greeley - UofP.jpg

If you’re looking for a new bar to call headquarters during the year’s most watched sporting events come check out our “wall of TVs,” where floor-to-ceiling screens keep four games front and center—24/7. We’ve got a total of twelve televisions inside outside on our front and back patio and a big screen in our main room.  You’ll never miss a moment of great competitive actions!

Greeley Beer

All the best Pacific Northwest beers are on tap, along with ciders, cocktails, wine, and the new CBD cannabis drinks that everyone’s talking about. We also carry the domestic and import brews you love.

Greeley Burger

And the best pub grub menu in North Portland, too!

Our chefs take pride in their work and are always trying to outdo themselves in the kitchen, with both traditional and experimental dishes. Try our breakfast menu on Saturdays and Sundays after a late night.

Greeley - Bar Scene1

Best of all, Greeley Avenue has a great group of regulars that make our bar a fun place to meet up with friends. Throughout the month we host poker and quiz nights and we’ve got a pool table, tabletop shuffleboard, and pinball games waiting for you to conquer.

Mock - Free WiFI

We’re also a great alternative when you need some study time. Our free WiFi will keep you connected so you don’t have to shut yourself away when you’ve got a big paper to write. Plus, we also have great Irish coffees, too!


Make a pub run to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill and see why we are North Portland’s favorite sports bar!

Greeley - Restaurant Front

Karaoke, Hairyoke, with the Portland Beardsmen at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill

2016-04-21 23.39.15

The Portland Beardsmen are taking the mic at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, and you’re all invited to join in on the fun of “Hairyoke!”

2016-04-21 23.47.06

The  Portland Beardsmen have made Greeley Avenue Bar their home base for years, hosting their monthly get-togethers at our tavern and enjoying their favorite craft beers with their friends. Now they want you to join them as they show off their vocal skills.

Friends of Greeley

Whether you are a serious singer or one that just likes to have fun, you can let your talents loose on the crowd at Greeley. Join us for a night of karaoke with the Portland Beardsmen at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill. We will have the equipment set up and ready for you to belt out your favorite tune while you enjoy a night out with friends.

Greeley - Restaurant Front

Of course, the audience is important, too, so don’t worry if you don’t want to take the stage, we have a place for you at Greeley’s “Hairyoke Night.” Our bar has is a great open space, with two outside porches that are great places to chill out in-between performances. It’s sure to be a great night out, and our bar staff will be on hand to serve you the great drinks and food you can always expect when you come out to Greeley.

Greeley - Hairyoke.jpg

This is the first time Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill has hosted a karaoke night and we’re happy the Portland Beardsmen have chosen our bar as their stage on Monday, August 28th at 8pm for “Hairyoke Night with the Portland Beardsman.”



How to Drink A Guinness the Irish Way

Again and again, Portland finds itself at the top of every list for the best beer city anywhere in the world. We know beer because we love beer. But do we know the proper way to drink beer?

Last year Jon and Rainer visited Ireland where they were schooled on the proper way to pour and drink a Guinness and now they want to share their education with Portland’s beer aficionados. Because, as one Irish bartender told them, “Great bartenders know how to craft a perfect pint.”

Here are the finer points of pouring the perfect pint of Guinness:

FIrst beer in Dublin at the Hairy Lemon

Image: First Beer in Dublin Ireland at the Hairy Lemon.

The “Two Step Pour”

  • Use a Guinness drinking glass, with the Guinness logo.
  • Grip Guinness glass with fingers placed vertically along the side with your forefinger on the harp.
  • Tilt the glass 45 degrees under the tap letting the beer pour onto the harp.
  • Pull the tap handle all the way down, pouring onto the harp .
  • When the beer level reaches bottom of the harp, SLOWLY rotate the glass upright and “STOP at the top” of the harp.
  • Set on bar for viewing and wait 2 minutes, or when the liquid part of the drink reaches the bottom of the harp and the foam is settled on the top.
  • Finish filling the glass with the glass held straight down under the tap.
  • Pour to the very top to create a head that is 3mm above glass and 18mm below to create “provide of the rim,” or the beautiful presentation of a traditional pint of Guinness.


The “One Step Pour” for Guinness in the can.

  • Place the can on a level surface.
  • Open the can and allow it to sit for five to ten seconds.
  • Tilt the glass 45 degrees, and pour onto the harp.
  • When the level reaches the bottom of the harp, level the glass vertically and finish the pour to create the famous Guinness head.

Greeley - Guinness

Note: Don’t be surprised when you pop open a can of Guinness and hear a rattling sound inside. All Guinness cans come with a patented “widget” ball. It’s a little plastic ball that provides movement inside the can to create the optimal head on their thick and creamy stout. Those Guinness brewers think of everything!

Greeley - Guinness1

And most importantly: How to Drink a Guinness, according to the Guinness master brewer.

Guinness drinkers stand proud! You’ve earned your space at the bar.

  • Elbow up to a horizontal position
  • Eyes to the horizon.
  • Tilt the glass head and enjoy the flavor of the beer. The head should be same size from the first sip to the last.

Greeley Deck

If you want to practice your skills at drinking Guinness the traditional way visit us at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill in North Portland and watch as our bartenders demonstrate the finer points of Guinness drinking