Rumor Has It–Greeley Avenue Bar Has Upgraded Our Website

Psst!–have you heard? Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill has a new website and everything you need to know about our bar is just a click away.

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The latest version of our website is a virtual version of what you’ll find inside our bar. Information on the fun events we have planned, like our weekly Texas Hold ’em tournaments, are found in our calendar. Peruse Greeley’s pub and grub menuto find the delicious meals that are waiting for you, such as our famous Out ‘n In Burger–a double, double favorite among our customers–or our wings and its choice of six sauces.

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Check out our Hall of Flame page to see a sample of Chef Brode’s Brandt’s and his staff culinary contributions.

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They make delicious specials everyday, including a breakfast menu that is far and above the typical food you’d expect to find in a sports bar, like the Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict! Are you hungry yet?

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Check out our Drafts page to see the latest beers to grace our taps. Our online Leader Board stays updated automatically with all the latest additions, so you can get your mouth watering before you even step through our front door.


We’ve put together a website that is designed to give you a glimpse into all the many things Greeley customers love about our bar, but nothing is as good as being here with us. Come down to our bar for a relaxed setting, good service, delicious food and drinks, and great sports action seen on our twelve TVs. And, if you don’t believe me, just check out our website and you’ll get a sense of the great things you’ll find inside North Portland’s best sports bar, Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!


It’s March Madness! Go Crazy at Greeley Avenue Bar

March Madness is here and the crowd at Greeley Avenue Bar is ready to host NCAA fans all month long.

Greeley - March Madness_Dirk Hansen

Selection Sunday is this weekend, March 11th, and for college basketball fans this means the start of a fast and furious month that will lead up to intense play during the final four. The teams have been showing a lot of skill and strategy on the court this season that will all culminate in what should be an amazing showdown in the Final Four games.

Come down to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill with your brackets and enjoy a beer as you watch the action unfold on our twelve big screen TVs. Here are the teams the Internet experts are predicting may go all the way.  Greeley - March Madness_rrescot

Kansas Jayhawks

Andrew Hammond of the website Fansided is going with Villanova, Virginia, Xavier and Kansas as the Final Four. Xavier might be a bit of a stretch after their loss to Villanova, but Hammond is relying on the stats that say Xavier is ranking 3rd in the RPI, 5th in strength of schedule and a spectacular 24 wins, which is the same as Villanova and Virginia.

The Kansas vs. Michigan State match-up for the last spot on the top seed line will be close but he’s predicting the Jayhawks will take it based on their overall season. KU may have five less wins than Michigan State (21-26), but the wins are technically better, particularly within the conference.

In the end, Hammond predicts that Kansas will take the championship ring.

Greeley - March Madness_Michael Berera

Michigan Wolverines

USA Today reporter Scott Gleeson believes that it’ll boil down to Michigan. They continue to rack up wins and their games are strong. They’ve been consistently getting better since November and they are really performing at a high level going into the tournament. Defensive coach John Beilein has the best players he’s ever had and they have mastered a fluid, balanced offense that gives them a strong chance to take it all the way.

Greeley - March Madness_Thomson20192


Paul Kasabain of the Bleacher Report says Virginia is a good bet to win the tournament. The top scoring defense by the Cavaliers has allowed for 52.8 points per game and the Pomeroy college basketball ratings also have them ranked as the most efficient team in the nation in terms of their defense. And, don’t overlook their offense. UVA has ranked 32nd in the nation thanks to a 38.9 percent rate and their consistent 3-pointer shooters. Their players are superb, with sophomore guard Kyle Guy leading the Virginia Cavaliers with 13.9 points per game.

Bring your bracket sheets and watch the games with us at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, the best neighborhood sports bar in North Portland!

Greeley - Restaurant Front


Win Big at Greeley Avenue Bar’s Video Poker

Lady Luck has taken a seat at Greeley Avenue Bar and Grill!

Greeley - Games2

It’s the luck of the draw when you take a turn at one of our regulated electronic video poker machines, Keno and lottery challenges. Our modern gambling play works as simply and efficiently as the best casino floor dealer, and the payouts come even easier!

Friends of Greeley

Begin your video poker play by hitting the “DEAL” button, then sit back and relax as the fast action play begins, our wait staff will take care of you as you wait for that big win. We can serve you one of Portland’s famous craft beers, or get the full Vegas experience with a bourbon-straight up or a dry martini. If you find yourself in the middle of some hot action and you’re riding a winning streak you won’t have to go hungry because our kitchen will cook you up a meal that will carry you all the way to cashing out. It’s a win-win-win!

Greeley - Activities.jpg

Image by: Santeri Viinamaki

When you tire of those games switch it up and join us at the bar for a round or two of Keno or a few lottery tries. Just like our video poker machines, we see these games turn out winners on a regular basis. Greeley Avenue Bar’s video poker machines are located near the back entrance and Keno screens are located around the bar. Our bartenders can help you with your lottery tickets purchases and they’ll cheer you on as you go for the gold.

Greeley - Restaurant Front

The next time you’re looking for a little luck just stop in at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill where you’ll find video poker, lottery and Keno waiting for you to strike it rich!

The Greeley Avenue Bar Rotating Taps Leader Board

Checking stats is a regular event for sports lovers, and for those fans who also love a frosty pint of beer we’ve got a leader board you can look forward to in the off season, too!

Greeley Ave. Header

At Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill you know you’ll always find a great line up of your favorite foreign and domestic beers. Whether you are a loyal fan of big league brands or follow the microbrews found in the Pacific Northwest, and now with the Greeley leader board you can follow what’s on tap from your phone, tablet or computer before you head out to our bar.

Greeley - Leader Board

The leader board is automatically updated each time we make a change and all you have to do is click your way over to the “Beer” tab on Greeley’s website and see for yourself what great tasting brews people are enjoying at that very moment. So, check out our leader board, wet your taste buds and come down to Greeley for one of Portland’s famous local craft beers, an MVP IPA, like Lagunitas, or an American classic, like Coors Light, and we always include a wild card cider option on our taps, too!

Greeley - Growler

Check the Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Leader Board at home, then join us at North Portland’s favorite neighborhood sports bar for one of the many featured beers on our rotating taps. Our bartenders are on deck to offer you a sample of any unfamiliar selections you find, and don’t forget your growler, because once you’ve had one of these great beers you’ll want to run your selection all the way back to home plate!

Tailgate Party at Greeley Avenue Bar for Super Bowl LII

It’s a David and Goliath scenario at Super Bowl LII, with five-time champions, the New England Patriots, taking on first timers, the Philadelphia Eagles, and at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, we’ve got front row seats for all our North Portland football fans.

North Portland Sports Bars

Join us on Sunday, February 4th at 3:30pm for the biggest game of the year. Most commentators are predicting another win for the Patriots, but only if they can overcome the Eagles great defense. But the Patriots have their reliable juggernaut in the Brady-Belichick combo, presenting a tough obstacle for the Eagles who go into the game without their best player, quarterback Carson Wentz. He placed 2nd in NFL touchdown passes in 2017 with 33 but missed the last three games of the season due to a season ending ACL injury in his left knee.


Greeley Avenue will be filled with Super Bowl fans throughout the day. They’ll be rooting for their favorite players, and enjoying the biggest game of the season in front of our twelve large screen, HD televisions.

2016-01-28 04.12.17

We’ve got everyone’s favorite tailgate food ready to satisfy, too. Hot wings with five different dipping sauces, burgers, pork sliders and our daily specials that are designed for the NFL championship game day.

Greeley - Growler

This is the biggest event of the year for football fans and that calls for full growler of your favorite beer. Greeley Avenue Bar can outfit you with a growler filled with any of our on-tap brews. We’ve got a choice of foreign and domestic and craft brews all waiting for you. Fill it up and take it home to enjoy your next pint the next day when you realize that you’ll have to wait a whole seven months for the next regular season games to begin.

North Portland Sports Bar

Whether you’re a fan of the Patriots or the Eagles, Greeley Avenue Bar has the best tailgate party in North Portland. Join us on Sunday, February 4th for Super Bowl LII!

Two Nights of Gambling Competition at Greeley Avenue Bar

Yukon - Poker

Cold, rainy days can put a damper on the competitive spirit all sports lovers have, but don’t let the weather get you down. If you like a challenge and you’re into table competitions plan a stop at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill every Sunday and Tuesday to join in on a game of Texas Hold ‘em with Portland’s own, Mad Poker!

Greeley - Mad Poker

Mad Poker is a free local poker league that is a favorite among the Portland gambling community. Weekly tournaments run about three hours long (depending on the number of players), with sign-ups beginning thirty minutes prior to the first hand and running until a winner is declared on the final hand.

2017-03-14 01.37.10

Greeley’s regular dealer is CJ, a Mad Poker director who has racked up seven years leading these popular games. He has come to know our players well at Greeley, but he always welcomes new players to join in on the friendly competition. Mad Poker provides a gimmick free, fair play game for players of all levels of experience.

Mad Poker at Greeley Avenue

You’ll find a list of their rules and the legal stipulations on their website, along with a page where players get special recognition for phenomenal hands. There are also details about Mad Poker’s many special events, including bust trips to casinos and their “Randomonium Games,” like Crazy Pineapple, River of Blood, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Suicide King and Bed Knob Queen Wilds, and Omaha. The dealers will help you out along the way as you learn new games.

Mad Poker at Greeley Avenue

Dealers cut the deck at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill every Sunday and Tuesday night. If you’re looking for even more play, stop by our sister bars; Mock Crest Tavern on Lombard Street on Monday evenings, or the Yukon Tavern in Southeast Portland on Thursdays. All games start at 7pm.

Hope to see you there!


The Holiday Bowl Season Has Begun at Greeley Avenue Bar

The Christmas season is nice, but the College Football Bowl Season is the real holiday celebration at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!

North Portland Sports Bar

This New Years Day take a front row seat in the Greeley “stadium” to watch a full day of gridiron action as the NFL continues down the path to Super Bowl LII. We’ll be watching some great teams and a few wild cards to find out which team has what it takes to go all the way, and you can see it all on our twelve high-definition TVs in our main room, the bar and our front and back patios.

Here are the bowl games that we will be televised at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill when we open at 11am on New Years Day.

North Portland Sports Bar


This year Notre Dame and LSU will compete in the Orlando based Citrus Bowl, one of the oldest of the non-College Football Playoff’s bowls to be played. The game kicks off at 10am PT, just in time for an order of appetizers from the Greeley kitchen.

Prediction: Ceasing the advantage early will decide this matchup. LSU is favored, but Notre Dame won nine games this season, with a recorded per-carry average of four-plus yards, so this game could be a lot of fun to watch. In the end, predications have it LSU 27, Notre Dame 23.


In its 116th year, the Rose Bowl will again be a prominent bowl game in the College Football Playoff’s system. This New Years Day tradition will start at 2pm PT, with #3 ranked Georgia facing off against the #2 ranked Sooners.

Prediction: The question of who will take the crown in this bowl game will depend on how Oklahoma’s defensive line can back up quarterback Baker Mayfield’s impressive passing ability. If the 2017 Heisman Award winner can get the ball past Georgia’s rushing force, Oklahoma will have chance at winning, with predictions standing at Oklahoma 33, Georgia 30.


The last bowl game of the day will come to you from the Superdome in New Orleans at 5:34 PT, pairing #4 ranked Alabama against Clemson, the top ranked college team, in the Sugar Bowl.

Prediction: A good game awaits us in the Superdome. Alabama faces uncertainty due to its defensive team and experts are predicting a low-scoring, hard-hitting game, where Clemson stands the best chance to win. But, only if they can overcome Alabama’s experienced quarterback Jalen Hurts. Final score: Alabama 24, Clemson 20.

North Portland Sports Bars

Join us for all day College Football Playoff action on New Years Day at your favorite North Portland sports bar; Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!