Greeley Avenue is home field for the college bowl season

The college bowl season is officially upon us. This year’s post season schedule includes 40 bowl games – that’s right, 40 of ‘em. The first bowl game takes place on December 20th with the Bahama Bowl and concludes with the crowning of the National Champion in the New Orleans Supedome on January 13, 2020. There’s even a Tropical Smoothie Cafe Frisco Bowl in there somewhere (Gotta love the corporate sponsorships.) So if you’re keeping track, that’s 24 days of bowl games.

And then there were four…

The major bowls take place on December 28th, with the Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl as the top four teams in the nation square off for national bragging rights. Clemson is the defending national champion and, as the third ranked team in the nation, has their sites set on a repeat. But they’ll have to get past the #2 seeded Ohio State. The other two teams in the hunt are Oklahoma and top-seeded LSU.

And, of course, let’s not forget the Rose Bowl! This year, the Oregon Ducks will be facing off against the Wisconsin Badgers. That game will be held on New Years Day with the kickoff at 5 PM.

Oregon Ducks 2019 Rose Bowl
The Ducks and Badgers go head to head in the 106th Rose Bowl on New Years Day.

Not sure who’s playing who this post season? Click here for a complete schedule of games, teams and times.  

There is no better place to catch the post season gridiron action than at Greeley Avenue. With a bajillion widescreen tvs, there’s not a bad seat in the house. Plus, there’s the added advantage of being to watch multiple games at the same time. And you can be sure to catch the really big games on Greeley’s giant Big Screen.

Add to that Greeley’s unbeatable beer selection and always reliable menu options, and you have all the reasons you need to ditch the family tv and enjoy the big bowl games with your fellow football fanatics.

Just remember, there is no such thing as too much college football. See you ‘round the Big Screen. 

The Holiday Bowl Season Has Begun at Greeley Avenue Bar

The Christmas season is nice, but the College Football Bowl Season is the real holiday celebration at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!

North Portland Sports Bar

This New Years Day take a front row seat in the Greeley “stadium” to watch a full day of gridiron action as the NFL continues down the path to Super Bowl LII. We’ll be watching some great teams and a few wild cards to find out which team has what it takes to go all the way, and you can see it all on our twelve high-definition TVs in our main room, the bar and our front and back patios.

Here are the bowl games that we will be televised at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill when we open at 11am on New Years Day.

North Portland Sports Bar


This year Notre Dame and LSU will compete in the Orlando based Citrus Bowl, one of the oldest of the non-College Football Playoff’s bowls to be played. The game kicks off at 10am PT, just in time for an order of appetizers from the Greeley kitchen.

Prediction: Ceasing the advantage early will decide this matchup. LSU is favored, but Notre Dame won nine games this season, with a recorded per-carry average of four-plus yards, so this game could be a lot of fun to watch. In the end, predications have it LSU 27, Notre Dame 23.


In its 116th year, the Rose Bowl will again be a prominent bowl game in the College Football Playoff’s system. This New Years Day tradition will start at 2pm PT, with #3 ranked Georgia facing off against the #2 ranked Sooners.

Prediction: The question of who will take the crown in this bowl game will depend on how Oklahoma’s defensive line can back up quarterback Baker Mayfield’s impressive passing ability. If the 2017 Heisman Award winner can get the ball past Georgia’s rushing force, Oklahoma will have chance at winning, with predictions standing at Oklahoma 33, Georgia 30.


The last bowl game of the day will come to you from the Superdome in New Orleans at 5:34 PT, pairing #4 ranked Alabama against Clemson, the top ranked college team, in the Sugar Bowl.

Prediction: A good game awaits us in the Superdome. Alabama faces uncertainty due to its defensive team and experts are predicting a low-scoring, hard-hitting game, where Clemson stands the best chance to win. But, only if they can overcome Alabama’s experienced quarterback Jalen Hurts. Final score: Alabama 24, Clemson 20.

North Portland Sports Bars

Join us for all day College Football Playoff action on New Years Day at your favorite North Portland sports bar; Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill!


Game On! It’s the Beavers v. the Ducks


The Oregon Ducks and Oregon State Beavers are gearing up to face off Thanksgiving weekend during the 2017 Civil War game, and Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill will be presenting all the action on our “Wall of TVs.”

After a dismal start to the season, the Beavers come to the field with five losses and only one win behind them The Ducks have fared only slightly better, with a lackluster five wins out of ten games. Put these two teams together, add in their home state fans, and it will be interesting to see who manages to pull off a win. (Scores are reflective of this publishing date).


 The Beavers are working with a new coach after Gary Anderson stepped aside to let Cory Hall see what he could do for the team after the sixth game. But with three losses already racked up under his leadership, the Beavers are going into the match up against the Ducks at a disadvantage.

Likewise, the Ducks are working with a new coach. Willie Taggart is leading the Ducks as a rookie coach and so far he’s only been able to keep his head above water against the Pac-12 Conference teams.

Greeley - Bar Scene1 

This year the excitement of the Oregon Civil War game might not be found in amazing plays and exciting action on the field. The biggest moment of the day may just be found in a frosty pint of beer and a basket of wings at Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill. Come out on Saturday, November 25th to enjoy the best North Portland sports bar while you watch the Oregon Ducks v. the Oregon State Beavers.

Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill Fall Sports Round Up

Greeley - Bar Scene1

The 2017 fall sport season has finally arrived! Football, baseball, and soon the NBA will be lighting up Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill’s “Wall of TVs” and we’re all getting ready to root for our favorite teams. This is a little of what we’re expecting to see in sports this fall.



After a failed attempt at the Super Bowl last year, the Atlanta Falcons are starting out strong, and the LA Rams are showing strength after their move to LA from St. Louis, with quarterback Jared Goff along with defensive team doing surprisingly well.

Despite early predictions, the Dallas Cowboys are struggling early in the season, and on the Pacific Northwest front, the Seattle Seahawks need improvement if they want another chance as the Super Bowl. Right now they’ve got a good defense but their offense is lacking.


In the world of college football, Alabama and Clemson are both great teams. They made it to the championship last year are likely to again this year.

In the Pac 12 Division, USC, University of Washington, Washington State, and Oregon all look good, with the three schools from the Pacific Northwest so far holding down undefeated streaks and ranking in the top 25.

Baseball Ball


Baseball fans are very excited for the post-season games. The Cleveland Indians, who last year lost the World Series, have won 22 games in a row—more than any other in baseball team history! The LA Dodgers seem to be coming back for another good year and the Chicago Cubs started slow but turned it on recently and are looking at the World Series, as well.

Houston fans are all rooting for the Astros, who are considered one of the best leagues in baseball, with their best offensive teams in years. A bright note for the battered city’s fans.



NBA training starts next week for the upcoming regular season coming up in November, and we’re looking forward to another year of Portland Trailblazers ball.

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Come into Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill, your favorite neighborhood sports bar, this fall for

DSC00944 copy

great sports action shown on Greeley’s “Wall of TVs,”

2016-01-28 04.12.17

great tailgate food,

Greeley Beer

and the best beer, cider, wine, and cocktails in North Portland!

Come Home to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill for Your Holiday Bowl Games

Some people look forward to Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve. Some people long for their families to gather around the Christmas tree. At Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill we can’t help but get excited for the great football games that happen during the holiday season!

Greeley - Bowl Games_NFLUKIreland.jpg

All across the nation NFL and college players are spending hours out on the field practicing in anticipation of some of their most important match-ups of the year. At Greeley Avenue Bar you won’t have to worry about missing a single play because you’ll always find a great spot to watch every play in front of our “Wall of TVs.”

There are NFL games playing throughout the week of Christmas:

Saturday, December 24th: Chargers at Raiders

Monday, December 26th: Redskins at Eagles

Tuesday, December 27th:

Patriots at Jets                    Texans at Titans         Browns at Chiefs          Colts at Dolphins


Jaguars at Saints                49ers at Lions             Cowboys at Bills            Bears at Buccaneers


Panthers at Falcons           Giants at Vikings       Rams at Seahawks        Packers at Cardinals


Steelers at Ravens

Wednesday, December 28th: Bengals at Broncos

Greeley - Bowl

And college bowl games that scheduled throughout the New Year week:

          December 30

Orange Bowl – No. 6 Michigan vs. No. 11 Florida State

           December 31

Fiesta Bowl (semifinal) – No. 2 Clemson vs. No. 3 Ohio State

Peach Bowl (semifinal) – No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Washington

            January 2

Cotton Bowl – No. 8 Wisconsin vs. No. 15 Western Michigan

Rose Bowl – No. 5 Penn State vs. No. 9 Southern California

Sugar Bowl – No. 7 Oklahoma vs. No. 14 Auburn

2016-01-28 04.12.17

Our daily food and drink specials will be ready for you to set up camp at any of our tables, inside or out under the warmth of our heat lamps.


 So, when you’re ready for some football this holiday season drive down to Greeley Avenue Bar & Grill for great sports action in one of North Portland’s best sports bars!